About Me

  • name: Troy Newton
  • Role: Junior Engineer
  • Email: info@allanelectrical.co.uk
  • phone: 01472 313248


Troy joined the business in 2017 as a junior engineer on a modern apprentiship scheme, AES have invested in Troy and have high hopes he will build on his impressive start and gain all qualifications needed, Troy is a very keen and willing engineer who is always taking in information and best practices. Again Troy has a great relationship with clients and is a favourite amongst many! Keep it up Troy!


Below are some of the qualifications our engineers have.

  • Level 17 electrical engineering.
  • Level 18 electrical engineering.
  • Level 19 electrical engineering.
  • NAPIT Qualification


Troy is a keen aspiring BMX rider, he also loves a game of football in his spare time with the lads, Troy like other staff also has a great family network at home. We have found out recently Troy also makes a mean coffee!

Troy also recently passed his driving test and drives a Honda, this is his pride and joy and he hopes to be able to have a fleet of cars in the future.