About Me

  • name: Royston Allan
  • Role: Managing Director
  • Email: info@allanelectrical.co.uk
  • phone: 01472 313248


Our founder and MD Royston Allan has a number of years experience working for Harry Carr locally before moving on to start AES in 2008, since the companies origin the business has gone from strength to strength being able to employee a number of employees and provide services to hundreds of clients across the area. Royston is a very hands on leader who will often deal directly with the client and understand the full requirements. Roy is always happy to discuss business over a coffee!


Royston is a modern day petrol head with and has owned a number of cars over the years, currently Roy is building his very own kit car of which he has made from scratch! As Roy never hides from a challenge you can expect to see the car completed soon!

Roy also has a very loving family of which he has a wife (Nicky) and 2 children, Roy states this support background has been pinnacle to his business success.